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Red Box Soccer Games

       The history of the games dates back to 2000, when teams competed on a synthetic grass field at the structure of AWF Poznan and other matches were played on natural grass on side training fields of Lech Poznan, at Bulgarska Street in Poznan.
       Soccer games idea met a great interest and approval of Poznan soccer environment and it bore fruit with a big number of participants in the initiative season – Autumn 2000. At once the games became one of the greatest and the most active Amateur Soccer Leagues in Poland. The fact was new that every round of the games (in spring, autumn) makes up a separate lot and after each of them attractive prizes and cups for the best players are handed, and teams have a chance of a faster promotion.
       It was a great breakthrough to establish a close co-operation with the authorities of WKS Grunwald Sport Club. The decision was made that the showcase of amateur soccer – Red Box Soccer Center – will come into being at the Club’s structure on 27 Promienista Street. Games in the season of spring 2002 took place just at the new structure. It consists of: a sport field of synthetic grass with a lighting system, which let play matches till the late evening. Grass of another sport field of full dimensions was replaced and carpets of rolled natural green grass were put there. In 2006 a lighting system was installed at the field too. During soccer games there is a soccer pub open at the structure, where you can spend a nice time after matches and watch sport programs on satellite TV.
       A next stage was creating indoor games. The problem was to find a sports hall, which would meet high demands. In the end the hall in Dopiewo was chosen, however it was not very close to Poznan, but it met specific expectations. In the season 2001/2002 the indor games were moved to the high school at Zonkilowa Street in Poznań, and since the season 2003/2004 Indoor League – Red Box is played in a modern and functional Sports Hall in Suchy Las
       There are also soccer tournaments arranged. Since 1999 the Red Box Cup tournament has taken place regularly. Matches are played on the fields of synthetic grass and they meet a great interest of domestic and foreign teams every time. And since 2002 the Indoor Tournament of Companies has been organized with a great success. Every year more and more teams are interested in taking part in the tournament and it is more and more prestigious. Both events gather record-breaking number of participants.
       Since a soccer season – Spring 2007 we have organized Red Box Soccer League of Katowice, which has met with a favorable reception of not only local teams and fans but the city authorities as well. Games are played on fields of synthetic grass at a new open, beautiful structure ,,Rapid” on 51 Grazynskiego Street. In the first season of league competitions 45 teams started to play, they were divided into 3 groups of 15 teams each.
        In the second season of Red Box Soccer League of Six Players Teams in Katowice – Autumn 2007 there are not 45 teams but 60 ones, which made the first, the second and two groups of the third league. The interest in the games grows season by season. It is possible that in the next round there will be a fourth league created. Fulfilling expectations of teams we are going to arrange also indoor games, which in the first season will take place in Sport Hall AWF Katowice.
        Gdansk is the third city, where the games of Red Box Soccer League have started. The great interest of Gdansk fans in soccer led to creating Red Box Soccer League of Six Players Teams in Gdansk. In the first league season (Autumn 2007), 49 teams from Gdansk and its neighborhood took part in it. The games take place on the field with synthetic grass next to the main field of the club Lechia Gdansk, at the beautiful placed structures of Gdansk MOSiR organization. The field is equipped with a groundwater drainage and irrigation system and it is lighted with Jupiter lamps. The field is 55 m wide and 90 m long. Leo Beenhakker, the coach of Polish National Team, participated in the ceremony of opening the new field. In respect of a great interest in games the organizer is planning to create a winter edition of Red Box Soccer League of Six Players Teams in Gdansk. The games arranged by RED BOX meet a greater and greater interest, so everything shows that next games will gather more teams then the previous ones. As the participants say – the Red Box Soccer League of Six Players Teams in Gdansk grows stronger and stronger.

Sport-recreational tournaments

       Another kind of activities of Red Box Soccer Center, which is situated in Poznan, 27a Promienista Street, is a comprehensive organization of sport-recreational events for companies, plants, institutions and individual clients. It is a great advantage of the structure at Promienista Street that it is situated at the center of Poznan but in spite of the fact, it is also an oasis of calmness and greenery. The structure owns a large parking and on request there is a possibility to close the event from the people from outside.
       Soccer Center owns fields of synthetic and natural grass. Both kinds of fields have lighting system, what let competitions last till the late evening, and there are also capacious stands. Lately our structure has been enriched by a field for playing beach volleyball. There are changing rooms and showers on participants’ disposal. It is also possible to arrange other events at our structure, not only soccer games but recreational and promotional events as well.

We also offer:

  • preparing a plan of competitions hour by hour, a matches schedule, creating regulations for competitions, vouchers for food, preparing printouts for each team;
  • a possibility to order diplomas, cups, medals and prize gifts; a catalog with samples to choose is presented;
  • medical assistance during the whole day (an experienced nurse);
  • providing sound in –– a possibility to play music, 2 cordless microphones;
  • a possibility to order a professional host, who is experienced in leading events
  • referees;
  • cleaning services (fields preparation, general cleaning);
  • during a tournament the pub can be open – it serves cold beverages, beer, sweets, food; on request there is a possibility to install stands with cold beverages near the fields – we co-operate with a professional catering company;
  • a possibility to record the event on DVD by a professional film team.

  •        Our company is fully professional and fulfill all requests of our clients. We guarantee expert and satisfying services.
           There is also a possibility to organize such sport-recreational events in Katowice.

    Please contact us:

           Red Box Soccer Center – Poznan ul. Promienista 27a, tel./fax: + 48 61 867 20 69, mobile tel. + 48 501 634 217 – Waldemar Palacz
           Red Box Soccer Shop – Katowice ul. Bukowa 1, tel./ fax: + 48 32 254 65 89, mobile tel. + 48 501 635 990 – Adam Komin, Marketing: +48 515 134 484 – Piotr Karwat.
           Red Box Soccer Shop – Gdansk ul. Traugutta 29, tel./ fax: + 48 58 346 10 90, mobile tel. + 48 501-635-957 – Paweł Arendt.

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